SRA Audit and Accounts

Equus Miller provides a specialist SRA audit and accounts service for the Solicitors industry.

Every year solicitors are required to report to the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) about monies passing through their client accounts. The guidance from the SRA surrounding the reporting rules were changed in October 2011 and now all solicitors are required to:

  • Provide proof that any client money is kept safe
  • Provide reassurance that they are set up to safeguard client money
  • Provide reassurance to clients and the general public that monies are held appropriately
  • Provide the SRA with any issues/information relevant to the protection of client money

Equus Miller is able to support solicitors with all aspect of their reporting and compliance for the SRA as well as advising on how current processes can be improved.

Ensuring compliance with SRA Accounts Rules

Equus Miller can handle the SRA Accounts process from start to finish ensuring that all relevant reports and documentation is in place so that deadlines can be met and that SRA accounting rules can be adhered to.

To support solicitors with their SRA accounts we have developed a range of services and advice which is tailored to them. This includes:

  • Introduction of appropriate software and authorisation controls to safeguard client monies in line with SRA accounting rules.
  • Making control improvements as a result of SRA audits
  • The full completion of the annual report in accordance with the SRA rules
  • Added value advice about tax, management accounts, corporation tax, wealth protection and profitability

Our wide range of experience dealing with solicitors enables us to take a well rounded view of the business practices as well as ensuring full compliance with the SRA Accounts Rules.

Proactive advice for SRA Accounts and growing your practice

Whatever the size of your legal practice it pays to take sensible accountancy advice when you are dealing with SRA accounting requirements. We can ensure that compliance with the SRA does not become a huge distraction for your practice, allowing you to focus on developing your business further. Equus Miller will provide you with proactive advice so that you can meet your reporting requirements as well as planning the growth of your practice for the future.

To discuss your SRA audit and account needs in more detail please contact us now.